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Personal Injury Lawyer in Watertown

When you are hurt due to the negligence of another, whether the injury was intentional or not, you have the legal right to claim compensation for your loss. For instance, if you are in a car wreck, and it is determined that the other driver was at fault, they will be responsible for covering your costs, such as medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

If your injury was due to an accident, assault, or any other wrongful or negligent act,  you will benefit from consulting with an experienced attorney who can inform you of your rights and assist you in winning a fair settlement for your case.

How We Can Help

Lawyers at Bottar Leone, PLLC have a long history of successfully handling injury cases for our clients in Watertown and visitors to the area. Our attorneys are regionally and nationally respected and have been recognized in U.S. News & World Report – Best Lawyers®, as a “first-tier” personal injury law firm.

Due to increasing demand for our services in the Watertown, New York area, including Fort Drum, we have a satellite office for consultations by appointment at this location:

120 Washington Street
Watertown, NY 13601

We also represent clients injured from medical malpractice, a category of personal injury law that occurs when a health care provider or hospital fails to provide standard care, and that failure causes harm to a patient. The provider can be civilian or military. Our firm may also be able to assist you with a claim for birth injury, brain injury, product liability, construction site accident, workplace injury, structural failure, or other catastrophic injury.

Initiating a Quick Response

When faced with an injury that you suspect is due to the negligence of another, you will benefit from consulting with a skilled attorney as soon as possible. There are short deadlines to file a claim to protect your rights and receive compensation for your loss. In the State of New York, you may have as few as 30 days after your injury to file paperwork for your claim.

If you believe that you have experienced a loss that was avoidable, you may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Your case will require a thorough investigation, including a review of your medical records and the background of the potential defendant who you believe was negligent and caused your injury.

Our Firm’s Expertise

At Bottar Leone, PLLC, we will consider all available evidence surrounding your case, including a medical expert review, and advise you as to whether or not we believe a medical error was preventable and you should pursue a lawsuit. Our legal team, with assistance from dozens of experts, are skilled at identifying negligence.

Common medical mistakes include improper medical treatment, misdiagnosis, problems with surgery, improper prescription or administration of medications, negligent discharge, and the improper delivery of an infant. Other forms of negligence include distracted driving, drunk driving, failing to provide safety equipment at a job site, and manufacturing an unreasonably dangerous product.

When choosing a lawyer, it is essential that you hire someone with the background and experience required to prosecute a complex personal injury lawsuit. Our firm has been handling cases like yours for nearly three decades and has a strong track record for winning large verdicts for our clients.

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We work on contingency, which means that we do not receive payment until you receive compensation for your injury through a settlement or jury verdict. Contact us today for a free evaluation of your case. We will discuss your concerns and offer straightforward legal advice during this difficult time in your life.