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New York Premises Liability Lawyer

We are accomplished New York premises liability lawyers. Premises liability is a type of personal injury law that holds a landowner liable for injury to a person, such as a visitor, guest, customer, or worker who was in or on the landowner’s property. Premises liability law includes dram shop liability, which may hold a bar liable for injuries caused by an intoxicated patron.

Injuries due to slips, trips, and falls are among the most common reasons for doctor or emergency room visits. In fact, several million people each year suffer injuries as the result of falling. Injuries may be due to the negligence of the property owner. Some of the most common reasons for a preventable slip and fall include:

  • ice and snow accumulation
  • poor drainage
  • poor signage
  • improperly maintained surfaces (e.g., concrete, asphalt, tile, curb)
  • leaks and debris
  • spills
  • broken stairs
  • missing railings
  • inadequate lighting

A common misconception is that slip and fall lawsuits are simple to prove. This is incorrect. In fact, a slip and fall claim can be one of the most challenging to win because New York State law requires the injured plaintiff to show that that the property owner knew, or should have known, about the dangerous condition before the injury occurred. Establishing “notice” can be a difficult task.

Slip and fall injuries can be very serious, especially falling down stairs. As a general rule, we only accept premises liability claims involving severe injuries, including:

  • a broken elbow
  • fractured hip
  • vertebral burst fracture
  • dental injuries
  • brain damage
  • wrongful death

“Dram Shop” liability is a type of premises liability claim. A Dram Shop law is one that imposes liability on an establishment for serving alcoholic beverages to intoxicated individuals. If a bar or tavern improperly serves alcohol to a patron, the establishment may be liable for any injuries or damages caused by the intoxicated patron.

For example, if a visibly intoxicated man was served alcohol in a bar and, after finishing his drink, got into his car and caused an accident that injured a bus full of passengers, the bar may be liable for the bus passengers’ injuries.

Contact an experienced New York premises liability attorney to determine if you have a viable claim for a death or injuries and damages, including medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. Bottar Leone, PLLC, has decades of experience prosecuting complex slip and fall and dram shop claims involving severe injuries. To find out more about personal injury cases and the deadlines for filing, contact Bottar Leone PLLC at (315) 313-6809 or toll-free at (888) 979-1689. You may also reach us through email at