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Tour Bus Crash in Fulton

No one deserves to be the victim of an accident. Yet, millions suffer daily because of someone else’s negligence or carelessness. Just as these people did not deserve to be hurt, they also do not deserve to pay for their own recuperation or to suffer the death of a loved one without legal compensation.

The only people injured were the drivers, in a crash between a tractor-trailer and a tour bus in Fulton, police said. The tour bus had dropped off its passengers just a short time ago, after returning from a Yankees game in New York City. It tried to leave the Cayuga Community College parking lot and go onto State Route 481, according to police.

Reports of the crash were received at around 11 at night on County Route 57, just in front of the Riverside Inn in Oswego County, according to 911. The crash occurred on State Route 481. Fulton police, state police, and the Oswego County Sheriff’s Office all responded to the call. The drivers of both vehicles were taken to Upstate University Hospital in Syracuse. The driver of the tour bus was taken into surgery and listed in serious condition, police said. They also reported the driver of the tractor-trailer is in stable condition.

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